KBIC Consulting opened its doors in 2010 to develop a commercial insurance consulting model that is conflict free. We knew that to advise our clients in this way, we had to disaffiliate ourselves completely from all insurance products, commissions, revenues, and biases. So, that’s what we did!

Our model allows us to work directly for clients and act as their third-party fiduciary. We manage and oversee corporate insurance portfolios that include health and welfare benefits along with property and casualty programs.

Fiduciary (noun).  One who has the authority and obligation to act on behalf of another, under circumstances that require absolute-objectivity and total trust.  The fiduciary must avoid conflicts of interest in which personal benefit could be gained through their decisions or direction.

Our team manages and oversees internal insurance duties for corporations, nonprofit organizations, and public entities. Prior to our arrival, these fiduciary and settlor responsibilities typically rest on the shoulders of the CFO, HR manager, or CEO-depending on the size and scope of the organization.

By bringing in KBIC Consulting to manage or advise an organization’s internal insurance process, they save time and money. This allows their talented people to re-focus away from insurance and concentrate on more profitable and enjoyable endeavors.

Our mission is to serve shareholders as their “Chief Insurance Officer.” We manage a proven fiduciary process to optimize insurance portfolio performance, while eliminating unnecessary insurance expenses.

At our core we provide objective advice and fiduciary oversight for our clients’ leadership teams. We accomplish this by:

  • Charging our clients a transparent hourly fee and not accepting any remuneration from any party outside of that direct fee.
  • Working as a team to design workflow that ensures we deliver on our transparent commitments.
  • Promoting an environment of prioritization and accountability to ensure quality outcomes, while utilizing effective resources appropriately.
  • Continuously striving to serve our clients with greater efficiency and quality.

These principles enable KBIC Consulting to serve clients effectively, while creating a rewarding environment for our associates.

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