Q. Isn’t this what my insurance broker does?

A. There are two sides to every insurance engagement: the fiduciary (i.e., the buyer) and the service provider (i.e., the agent, broker, or advisor).  KBIC Consulting does NOT sell insurance.

KBIC Consulting represents you directly. Likely, this job function is being performed by your already time-crunched CEO, COO, CFO, or HR team.  In many situations, their talents are more suited for growing your company’s profits rather than managing insurance costs.

KBIC Consulting has strategically positioned itself as a bulk buyer of insurance services to increase efficiencies, execute expense control fundamentals, and lower client’s overall costs. We can work with your current broker or find you a new one. Either way, the expectation is the purchase and design of the most effective insurance program.

Q. Why would I pay someone to do something we have been doing forever?

A. The better question is, “What is it costing you in time, money and potential ineffective insurance decisions to manage and oversee your own insurance program?”  Yes, you can do your own taxes, accounting, payroll, and legal services-probably, while mowing your own lawn. But you have undoubtedly outsourced many of these functions because you don’t have the expertise, time, or patience to do them yourself.  Make no mistake–failure to purchase and/or administer the right insurance programs can be costly.  Maybe it is time to consider outsourcing insurance cost control to an unbiased expert–, KBIC Consulting.

Q. If KBIC Consulting does not sell anything, how are you paid?

A. KBIC Consulting works directly for you. You can view us as an extension of your team. We charge direct and transparent fees to our clients. Our clients pay us just like they pay their accounting firm.

Q. Is KBIC Consulting replacing my HR/Office Manager?

A. No–never. We work with your on-staff HR/Office Manager to help streamline their daily employee benefits process. We can also handle workers’ compensation cases that may arise.