KBIC Consulting is a team of experienced insurance professionals who do not sell insurance. Instead, we help corporations, nonprofit organizations, and public entities solve persistent insurance challenges that are not easily resolved by established resources.

Organizations have three primary functions when it comes to health and welfare benefits and property and casualty programs:

  1. Insurance Risk Identification and Risk Transfer Agreements: Objective identification and maintenance of their insurance risk profile.
  2. Insurance Risk Management Process: A smart and important process used to choose a broker, agent, advisor, professional employer organization (PEO), administrative services organization (ASO), or combination of service providers. This allows the organization to transfer their risk effectively while integrating practical cost control mechanisms.
  3. Fiduciary Oversight: The “collaboration with” and “management of” the chosen service providers while integrating risk management processes.

In short, KBIC Consulting serves entities who are frustrated with the vagueness of their insurance results and costs. We bring clarity to those who are confused by conflicting opinions of brokers, agents, and insurance representatives.

Our clients appreciate and value that our perspective on insurance comes from experienced professionals who do not sell insurance.

Learn more about us and exactly what we do.

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